UP MOM Model

The purpose of the Upper Peninsula Maternal Opioid Misuse Model Program (UP MOM Model Program) is to develop a consortium of stakeholder organizations in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP) to implement the Community Health Worker (CHW) Model for Care Coordination at key locations throughout the region for the vulnerable population of pregnant Medicaid beneficiaries who are struggling with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). By providing oversight, training opportunities, and access to a collaborative network of service provider organizations, the goals of the UP MOM Model Program are to remove barriers to receiving treatment, and thereby, improving patient engagement in treatment and, ultimately, health outcomes for mothers and infants.

The intent of the program is to provide a dedicated coordinator for pregnant Medicaid beneficiaries who are struggling with OUD. Through the utilization of a CHW, beneficiaries will be enrolled in existing support programs identified through the UP MOM program CHW and other assistance programs. The CHW will also assist in identifying parenting education, housing, transportation, needs of the enrollee after pregnancy through the first 12 months after birth.

Enrollment and More Information

Call or text 906-235-0481 – CWH Marquette County Health Department 

Provider Information

Information coming soon. Please check back.