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National Rural Health Day

We’d like to applaud the staff at Upper Peninsula Health Care Solutions (UPHCS), Inc. for their ongoing efforts to address the unique challenges in accessing and delivering health care services in the rural communities of the Upper Peninsula. Efforts include participation in the Great Lakes Practice Transformation Network, a region-wide collaboration led by the Indiana University School of Medicine with partners in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan to provide better health outcomes at a lower cost for 10 million patients by delivering personalized resources, to over 15,000 providers, that help identify, track and improve targeted quality measures (such as depression screening and diabetes management).

At UPHCS, Marlene Beaudry, Quality Improvement Advisor, guides clinic staff through the transformation process: assisting in process and workflow improvement, implementing new clinic procedures, and providing education that providers can use to meet their Continuing Medical Education requirements. Kristopher DeLoose, Application Data Specialist, helps clinics to maximize utilization of their electronic health record (EHR) systems by liaising with vendors and providing support in recording, accessing and understanding timely and accurate clinical data. Kris and Marlene travel throughout the Upper Peninsula, from the Copper Country to Sault Ste. Marie, to meet, face-to-face, to provide hands-on, personalized service to our participating clinicians and staff.

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