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High Touch, High Tech (HT2)

An Integrated, Technology-Enhanced, Relationship-Based Intervention for Substance Use and Mental Health during Pregnancy

The High Touch-High Tech (HT2) project will combine sophisticated, interactive mobile technology (the “Mommy Checkup” app) with specially trained treatment providers to improve and integrate treatment services for this critically important group. 

The High Touch-High Tech (HT2) program has two key features. First, it will incorporate a mobile app (the “Mommy Checkup” app) that can be used by all pregnant women while in the waiting area of their prenatal clinic.

The second is Telehealth services which include services delivered via phone, text or video chat. Session length can last from several minutes up to 1-1/2 hours, and frequency can be weekly or less to several times weekly. Counseling is provided by a licensed behavioral health provider, and will help to provide care coordination, therapy, and case management.

Through this program, we expect to increase motivation to begin and complete treatment; increase integration of care; decrease rates of substance abuse and depression; improve key health outcomes such as preterm birth; and have a lifelong positive impact on mothers and children.

HT2 - What it is


HT2 - Overview and Implementation