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MHEF – Community Health Impact

Building Program Evaluation Capacity in the Upper Peninsula

The purpose of this project is to build evaluation capacity in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula by providing training to UPHCS personnel and conducting brief program evaluation workshops for health-focused organizations throughout the UP. Access to more evaluation capacity in the UP will encourage more grant funded programming, support more accurate measurement of the impact of these programs, and ultimately, develop a culture of data driven decision making that will allow grant dollars to be spent more effectively and positively affect the health outcomes of the people these local organizations serve.

The original work plan included training for the UPHCS Grant Administrator, Andy Chosa, by attending the American Evaluation Association (AEA) Summer Evaluation Institute in June of 2020. Then, using the knowledge gained at that week-long intensive program, to work with a Michigan Health Endowment Fund evaluation specialist in developing a set of brief workshops to provide at hospitals and health departments in communities throughout the region.

Unfortunately, the AEA Summer Institute was cancelled due to the pandemic and the Michigan Health Endowment Fund Evaluation Specialist left the state. 

The new work plan is for the UPHCS Grant Administrator to obtain a Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation from Michigan State University. The program begins in January 2021 and ends in September 2021. With the assistance Evaluation Consultant and PhD Candidate, Elizabeth Gordillo (, UPHCS will assemble a brief evaluation curriculum that can be presented either via web or, ideally, in person in late 2021.