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Upper Peninsula Health Care Solutions (UPHCS) is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit hospital network that serves the 300,000 residents of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula through collaborative efforts among the network members. Network members are currently involved with joint purchasing opportunities, mobile MRI services, education, Project ECHO, public health initiatives, reference lab network, Healthy Aging, Maternal and Infant Health, and a variety of committees and consortiums to improve the health and wellness of UP residents. UPHCS continues to develop a regional integrated health information system network, the Upper Peninsula Health Information Exchange (UPHIE). UPHIE strives to connect the U.P. hospitals, health systems, clinics, specialists, long-term care facilities, and independent providers. This system provides a cost-effective mechanism to share patient information and streamline patient care delivery.


Our mission is to create opportunities of viability for health care providers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and to improve access to quality health services for residents within their communities.


Upper Peninsula Health Care Solutions (UPHCS) is a network of community health care providers, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, with a shared vision of working together to promote collaboration in areas that will provide quality health care services to the members’ respective communities. UPHCS is a corporation of health care organizations formed to facilitate access to high-quality health care, at a reasonable cost. Together, UPHCS members are continuously working to provide coordinated health care delivery for residents in the Upper Peninsula and surrounding communities.